Stand Out From The Rest

Easy to See 3D Signage and LED Signage in Newcastle


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There a lot of businesses out there. How are you going to stand out from the pack? While street and store signage is common among almost all businesses, you can draw attention to your company in a good way of using our 3D signage or LED signage outside of your business. Unlike conventionally printed signs, these options draw the eye more effectively and help your business signs pull attention away from rivalling signage nearby.

Benefits of 3D & LED signage

The 3-dimensional effect of 3D signage is a good way to separate yourself from other nearby businesses. While most printed signs are only 2 dimensions, these actually seem to come alive and “jump out” at the viewer. This not only looks amazing but also catches the eye more easily than comparable items. LED signs also have this effect, and they have the added benefit of being seen after dark without the need for additional lighting in order to be noticed.

Are these signage options right for me?

No one type of sign is right for every business. If you have a mortuary, for instance, you would do well to choose a more subdued signage type. To determine if 3D or LED signs are a good choice for you, consider your industry, your business location, and the signs being used around you. If you need further help in making a decision, just contact us. Hi-Impact Signs' signwriters are happy to go over all of our business signage options with you to ensure you’re choosing the best options for your situation.

If you’re ready to get started, we’re prepared to help you with every step from original design concept all the way to the creation and installation of your signs. We’ve been helping local Newcastle businesses with their signage and branding needs for the past 30 years.