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Canvas Prints for Business Recognition in Newcastle


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When you think of canvas prints, you probably think of personal photographs or works of art you’d normally find placed over fireplace mantels in your home. Today, though, canvas is becoming increasingly popular among businesses in Newcastle as a professional, sleek and high-quality way to advertise their businesses. They make a modern statement when compared to traditional posters and vinyl signs, and their subtle 3D effect draws in the eye and attracts more attention.

You may find canvas prints are useful in situations such as trade shows, or even placed around your place of business to catch more attention. There are numerous ways to use canvas printing technology to enhance brand awareness and add style to your workplace.

How to use Canvas prints for signage in business

You can easily replace conventional paper posters and flyers with canvas prints. Prop them up at your table during conventions or shows or hang them around your place of business to advertise specials or even to showcase examples of your work. If you’re a photographer, for example, you can showcase some of your past work on canvas to offer an up close and more personal feel than you’d get with 2-dimensional prints and frame. Restaurants also find luck using canvas prints to showcase their food offerings.

Why buy canvas prints from Hi-Impact Signs?

We offer a full-service solution when it comes to creating and using canvas signage for your business. We’ll do the printing and design, so you’ll get fully completed signs from the first concept to the finished product, all in one location.
If you have any questions on ways canvas signage might be a good choice for your business, feel free to reach out. One of our trained professionals will be happy to go over your options, as well as help you develop a plan for using signs in your marketing efforts.